Freedom is legal.
Thinking is courage.
Beauty is ever present.

Everything started with an idea of a festival without advertisements, slogans and plastic, without conveyor music and artificial trends. A cosmic culture festival, where music, art and we are in harmony with nature.

Where each of us is both – the creator and the created.

Without consumption of entertainment, flat bonds, lazy clichés, paltering transactions and privatization. An idea of a place free from ready-made conceptions that replace thinking – a place where we all are participants rather than just guests or consumers.

And then the idea of a festival became a new way of thinking.

Imagine a world that engages, not separates, that encourages, not stifles. Where live music unfolds the wonder of the world, where artists are not indifferent towards reality and where beauty is magically born by us being together. A world where art and music comes as the only possible answer for the creative urge to pass a message. Where creativity lives within you as a bright and miraculous energy. Where impersonal cynicism and dominance over your mind and taste dissolves and the customary programme ceases to function.

This festival can become something more – a Comet for traveling the earth and dreaming of a new world. Daugavgrīva fortress shall become a natural, autonomous territory, an erogenous zone and oasis for rituals. It can be a collective dream, meditation of truth and a moment for remembering your natural force. If you feel like being a part of something bigger, if you know that we are One, you are one of us already, without teaching or persuading.

Komēta comes as an event that has not happened yet, as a rebellious celebration, ritual of freedom, where we can magically create the reality together instead of surrendering to inescapable humdrum.

We are radical.
We are shameless.
We are alive.

We invite to free the consciousness socially, economically, ecologically, sensually and spiritually. The times of standing aside are over. Let Komēta be a cosmic festival, a crack in the calendar, a wonder that is bound to happen.