From the very beginning of the festival, the Komēta Academy has been the heart that ignites the unifying pulse of the whole festival; it is a place for thought experiments, lively discussions, and forbidden questions to finally asked. In a way, it is the practice of mind ecology – through workshops, lectures, and discussions, participants will be invited to jointly create and share knowledge.
It is a place to think collectively about what it means to live in society, to take responsibility, to reconnect with oneself, one’s feelings, other living beings, and to build relationships with one another based on mutual respect, acceptance, and appreciation.
Our theme for Academy stage this year is: BODY.
“There is “me in you”: my body is made of other bodies, the same stuff that makes my body makes your body too, and the force that animates all these processes and bodies is one and the same,”. /Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti/
We live in our bodies and in the material world, we breathe oxygen, move, and dance, we eat the plants and pat our pets. The bodies we have and are surrounded with, carry stories and experiences, depending on where they are located, what they look like and what possibilities of movement they have – they are experiencing the world in many different ways, they are intertwined in a complex network of social power structures, biology, politics, and emotions. Kometa Academy 2020 aims to have a closer look at the varieties of layers that pertain to the theme of body and bodies focusing on three areas: sensing and feeling bodies; political and social bodies; more than human bodies.
 Free entrance.