Biesentales Starcamp at Komēta is co-created by a community of artists, musicians and craftsmen residing by a magic forest-lake near Berlin. For 16 years they have been practicing what many of us would often call a utopia – one for all, all for one. They are also the team behind one of the stages in the world-famous Fusion Festival in Germany but as this year the festival is taking a break after a 20-year marathon, the Biesentales team can be a part of Komēta. A community of some forty (!) people will come to Latvia bringing with them a sound sytem, tents, light installations and musicians to share with the Latvian public not only a nicely fitted-out village, their special vibe and music, but also insight in how to make the impossible possible.
Biesentales create festivals, music, light installations, concerts, words, dreams, performances, moving pictures and adventures, this year to be enjoyed by us all at Komēta under the Baltic sun. This village is not about individual names but rather about conversations, anarchist philosophy, a poetic co-living.