Nomade Temple is a portal in time and space where the past meets the future, where the organic meets the electronic, where slower contemplative beats meet wild dancing, where South American musical heritage meets modern production techniques.
The key ingredients for this stage at Komēta are brought by Nomade, a unique collective of artists, a festival and a label from Chile, showcasing the ethno-electronic music scene currently thriving in Latin America and gaining significant ground in the West at major clubs, festivals and media around the world.
In line with the festival’s motto of seeing the invisible, the Nomade Temple at Komēta will offer a fascinating glimpse into this emerging scene with notable acts from as far as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, USA, Columbia and closer performing live and spinning DJ sets characterized by hybrid styles as varied and exotic as Andes-step, aya tech, cumbia digital, chill rave, slouse, keta-pop, sloth-disco, jungle boogie etc. which fuse the energetic, melodic and somewhat mystical Latin American traditional ethnic and folkloric music with modern intelligent electronic sound.