Practical info
Festival Komēta will follow all government-imposed epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 infection. We kindly invite visitors to respect and take these measures seriously!

Although we will still dance like nobody is watching and enjoy the festival to its fullest, the visitors will have to keep the 2-meter distance between other attendees.

At the festival, we will not only welcome you to clear your mind, but also to get your hands clean and wash them regularly, and use hand disinfectants, that will be available free of charge.

Although everyone is invited to take off their masks aka disguise and reveal their true-selves when entering the festival, it will be possible to purchase a 3-layer face mask at the entrance.

The musical, performative or cosmic events of the festival will take place in the open air. For some of the events that will take place indoors, the number of visitors will be strictly observed. 

Daugavgrīva Fortress is 21 hectares or 210,000 square meters large, ensuring that there are 200 square meters of free space per visitor.

Visitors are encouraged to assess their health and not attend the event if the person has symptoms of a respiratory infectious disease (fever, cough, shortness of breath), as well as if the person is required to undergo self-isolation, home quarantine or strict isolation conditions.

Festival visitors are invited to download and use the "Apturi Covid" application.
  1. The festival will be open from Friday, July 31, 12 pm until Sunday, August 2, 11 pm;
  2. You can reach Daugavgriva Fortress by buses 3, 30, 36, 56 and minibus 246, until the stop “Daugavgriva Fortress”

Look for public transport schedules here.

3. Upon arrival, you will receive a Komēta Guide brochure at the entrance of the fortress, where you will find the festival program, map and other useful information. You can also follow the program on our website, which will be published on Wednesday, July 29 – CLICK HERE

4. If you are driving to the festival by car, take into account that the festival has no parking space, you should look for a car space in one of the permitted and accessible areas around the fortress. The number of parking spaces are limited, so we recommend that several people travel together or choose a bus.

5. This year you can drive to Komēta festival and stay in the fortress in your camper or bus, but in order to do so you must notify us by Wednesday, July 29, by writing to In the email please include phone number, camper or bus mark, registration number, people’s names that are going to enter the area, as well as the size of the camper/bus (height/width). We will contact you with further instructions. Check-in will only be possible on the morning of July 31h between 9am and 10am and check out after 11pm on August 2nd. In the meantime, it will not be possible to enter, leave and move around the festival ground by vehicles;

6. We invite you to fully enjoy the magic of Komēta by staying on the island, the Daugavgriva Fortress, for all three days of the festival. Set up your tent, or tie your hammock anywhere in the fortress area for free, as your tent space is already included in the ticket price. Please make sure that your tent is within a 2m distance from other tents;

7. Outdoor showers will be provided in the fortress. We invite you to use environmentally and human-friendly hair and body products;

8. We try to create as little waste as possible and avoid plastic packaging, so there will be no bottled water at the festival. We do, however,  believe that the availability of drinking water is one of the most important human rights, so drinking water will be available free of charge at the festival and can be filled in your own takeaway dish

9. There will be no dish library this year, so we invite you to come to the festival with your own dishes, made out of metal, wood, or other unbreakable material.

10. As the festival takes place in Daugavgriva Fortress, which is a cultural monument of historical significance, we invite you to pay special attention to the structures and other objects located in its territory;

11. Look for lost belongings at the Info Center.

12. There are no ATMs in the festival area, it will not be possible to withdraw money on site. You can pay with card at the bars for drinks or in the dining area, at other market places payment will only be available in cash. For deposit glasses you can pay in cash only;

13. Thinking about environmentally friendly solutions, this year there will be a glass deposit system as well:
– Go to the Info Center, pay a deposit of EUR 2 and get a half-liter glass,
– Order a drink at one of the bars,
– Enjoy the festival!
– The deposit will be refunded when you return the deposited glass. Please note that the deposit glasses must be returned by August 2, 11 PM.
14. Dogs are allowed at the festival if they have a collar and muzzle;
15. Children up to 16 years of age can enter the festival free of charge if they are accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian with a valid festival ticket. Parents and guardians assume full responsibility for the minor they attend the festival with.
16. Don’t forget to put an antiseptic in your bag, it will probably come in handy; Probably raincoat and rubber boots, it looks like this year we will be loved by rain;
17. To enter the festival, attendees need a valid festival ticket that has been purchased in advance or at the ticket office at the entrance, or a wristband. Wristbands can be checked during the festival at any time, and also upon leaving the festival territory.
  • use open fire (including, but not limited to – candles, grills, oil lamps, camping stoves, torches etc.)
  • use, sell and carry narcotic substances
  • carry out any commercial activities without written consent by the Festival organizers
  • advertise, offer and distribute any goods or services without written consent by the Festival organizers
  • minors under 18 years of age – purchase alcohol or cigarettes
  • minors under 18 years of age – be in the festival territory from 22:00 till 8:00 without the company of a parent or adult
  • behave in a manner that endangers the safety and health of other Festival visitors
  • swim, except in places that are clearly marked as safe for this purpose
    damage the property of other visitors
  • litter



  • glass or other breakable material dishes and bottles
  • metal forks
  • metal knives of any kind, including folding knives
  • drinks
  • any type of umbrellas
  • narcotic substances
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (this prohibition does not apply to special food and drinks for infants and children up to 3 years of age)
  • objects that can endanger the safety or comfort of other visitors (including, but not limited to – guns, explosives, knives, gas bottles etc.)
  • without the accept of festival’s organizers, any motorized vehicles
    NB! The Festival does not provide storage facilities for prohibited goods and objects.


  • Plates and bowls of plastic, metal or other non-friable material
  • Plastic or wooden forks and knives;
  • Empty water bottles of plastic, metal or other non-friable material
  • Food (but we invite you to take a chance and enjoy the delicious vegetarian meals that will be available at the food court);



  • traumas that visitors have suffered during the Festival
  • damage, loss or theft of personal belongings – we recommend to not bring and/ or leave any expensive or valuable items unwatched
  • activities of state or municipal institutions during the festival and in the festival territory



  • change the festival program and schedule without prior notice
  • refuse entrance to the festival or expel visitors from the festival territory whose behavior interferes with, or may interfere with, the festival activities and/or endanger the safety of other visitors
  • organizers can refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to visitors who are intoxicated and can endanger themselves or other festival visitors
  • expel or ask to leave a visitor the festival territory and confiscate the festival wristband if the visitor violates the above mentioned rules or any other directions and instructions by the organizers
Ticket price until July 30, 23:59 - 40 EUR. Starting from 00.00 on July 31, the ticket price will be 50 EUR both online and at the entrance to the festival.