Kometa is free from advertising
Kometa is free from disposable plastic
Kometa is GMO-free
Kometa is meat-free

Disposable plastic is not our friend, so there will be no botttled water for sale here. We also believe that availablity of drinking water is an essential human right, so we will provide free drinking water for filling in your container such as a reusable bottle (not glass) or thermo mug.

There will also be a “dishes library” in operation at the festival where every Kometian will have a chance to borrow dishes. Choose one, enjoy your meal, wash it and return to the library. Food on a real plate from the library, or your favorite bowl from home, will cost less than food served on a paper plate. And will taste better. We’re all about healthy, fresh, balanced and environmentally friendly food.

We do encourage you to bring your own dinnerware, cutlery and water bottles to the festival. However, in order to ensure your safety and to avoid disagreements with security service, please stick to the following rules:

You can bring into the territory of the festival:

– Trays and bowls made of plastic, metal or other crash-proof material
– Plastic or wooden forks and knives
– Spoons made of metal or any other material
– Empty bottles made of plastic, metal or other crash-proof material

You cannot bring into the territory of the festival:

– Glassware or other easily breakable dishes and and bottles
– Metal forks
– Any kind of knives, including folding ones
– Your own food

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!